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Join us at INHALATION INSIGHTS, a Dry Powder Inhalation Technology Symposium which takes place in New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida.

Your product, actively protected

CSP Technologies’ mission is to combine expertise in material science with our passion for innovation to make the world safer by producing protective packaging solutions and engineered device components for the healthcare industry.  CSP can enhance product stability and extend shelf life by protecting sensitive products from moisture, oxygen, and VOCs by employing its unique desiccant and scavenging technology. CSP offers a full range of service from concept ideation to commercial production while providing the highest level of service and quality. The company manufactures more than one billion products annually including advanced film materials, primary packaging solutions & custom-engineered, injection-molded components.

Excellence in Pharmaceutical Supplies

Experic is a new contract manufacturing organization opening its doors in Cranbury, NJ with a 33,000 square-foot cGMP facility in January 2019 and a two-year planned 40,000 square-foot expansion.  Focused on helping innovative pharmaceutical companies get their next generation of products from the lab to the production floor, Experic is looking to be the factory of the future by integrating a high-tech paperless project and manufacturing management platform, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical processing technology, specialized controlled-drug substance handling, and expertise in clinical trial supply-chain.  More than just customer service, fast, adaptable customer partnership.

Harro Höfliger

Harro Höfliger specializes in the development of customer-oriented process and production solutions for pharmaceutical and medical applications as well as market-oriented consumer products. The company offers extensive services related to process development and the design of GMP-compliant production conditions. Harro Höfliger’s experts conducting process capability analyses of active ingredient containing substances under real conditions and support customers in recipe optimization or the manufacturing of stability samples. They have special expertise in the processing of powder materials for inhalative and solid administration forms. The systematically structured portfolio of upscalable test and production machines and modules, as well as requirement-oriented technology platforms, results from many years of experience and targeted research and development. Harro Höfliger covers all phases from the laboratory stage to high-performance production.

Experts in Excipients

MEGGLE Excipients & Technology is a global leader in manufacturing lactose for the pharmaceutical industry.  Supporting supply chain security with manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America, MEGGLE offers a broad product portfolio of lactose excipients for oral / inhaled drug delivery applications, including co-processed technologies & tailor made services.

Our broad product portfolio, multiple manufacturing locations, technical centers in major markets and innovative technologies make MEGGLE the preferred partner for pharmaceutical product manufacturers.

MEGGLE E&T products:

  • Lactose monohydrate
  • Anhydrous Lactose
  • Co-Processed Excipients
  • Lactose for Inhalation
  • Lactose for lyophilization and parentral applications
  • Tailor-made lactose products

MEGGLE E&T Services:

  • Spray drying
  • Co-Processing
  • Agglomeration
  • Product Customization
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